Friday, July 27, 2012

Eva Peron :: RIP July 27

The New York Times obituary notes that Eva Peron died on July 27, 1952.

For years, I held on to the uncorrected proofs of the book Life and Death of Eva Peron which was published in 1979.  (see photograph below). The book came to me at one of the many book sales in this area where bibliophiles comb through piles of oddities from reviewers, publishers and disappointed readers. 

Recently I donated the book to the friends of the local library, so they can offer it for sale.  And so the book change hands, possibly circuit around other used book stores and sales, much like Eva's corpse has traveled.

Does anyone  born after 1995 know who Evita was?  The broadway musical Evita! might help her live on, similar to the way Jesus Christ Superstar helps Jesus.

Mournful fictional video depicting Eva's end.

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