Friday, December 5, 2008

Digg the Grave

The open grave examines death.  We're all going to get there,  the ultimate travel experience.  It's not gloomy to plan ahead, but this isn't going to be a website about wills, legacy planning or cremation.  Nooooooo, this log will muse about the many connections we have to death, how death fans and foes examine the topic and whatever I find as I peruse my paper collection about dear old death.  Death art, death music, death dress.  Grave digging, monuments and lore. Cemeteries, ceremonies, cultural taboos.  

First of all, I want to get to Houston to see this very interesting exhibition about Papal regalia associated with death.  

If you've experienced the exhibition, let me know if it is worth the journey.  I'm about 4 hours and $400 by air away from Houston, so maybe I can find a video cam tour to experience the exhibition.

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